Moving Flint Forward with CompuNinjas
29 Jul 21

It’s been just over two years since Jackie Earley purchased and started rehabbing a vacant building in the Grand Traverse District. Today, that building is home to CompuNinjas, Earley’s computer repair shop.

“I was born and raised in Flint,” said Earley. “I believe this city has a lot of potential. It needs work, but all it requires is people who are willing to invest in it and make it better.”

Earlier this year, Earley’s business was one of 15 to receive a grant through Moving Flint Forward, a grant from General Motors and the Flint & Genesee Group that supports revitalization efforts in Flint by strengthening local businesses. In CompuNinja’s case, Earley used the grant to address a major issue his business had been facing since opening its brick-and-mortar location: visibility.

According to the computer technician, many people had told him they assumed the building was a residence where he worked on computers as a side gig — not a storefront devoted to the trade.

“A lot of clients coming off of I-69 would pass by and completely miss us, so we used part of the grant to buy a sign,” Earley said. “This is huge for us. Having this sign makes us a little more official.”

For more information about the business – located at 1202 S. Grand Traverse St. – visit