Browse the Data to See Why Flint & Genesee is the Home for your Business

This is a region that took four wheels and a motor and started a revolution – Flint & Genesee offers many compelling reasons for starting or expanding your business here. The county is home to more than 400,000 people and serves as a regional hub for commerce, culture, employment, and education. About 2.4 million people that live within an hour’s drive time of Flint. There is also a strong pipeline of future talent through the community’s universities and community college. Additionally, the Flint & Genesee region is well positioned to support growth with our strategic location and infrastructure.
Flint and Genesee County is a community of makers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers who are not afraid to take on a challenge and strive for excellence and innovation. The county is home to more than 400,000 residents and more than 6,700 businesses employing nearly 173,000 people. The county is well-positioned in the middle of a dynamic labor market with millions of people living within 50 miles of Flint. There is a lot of potential talent to take advantage of. Below is a brief overview of the population and demographic data for our region. Please contact us to receive additional information specific to your business location or expansion project.
Flint & Genesee offers a strong competitive advantage with a high concentration of skilled talent, abundance of training programs, and a robust workforce pipeline. With a civilian labor force of 179,124 (2021) and an education attainment rate of 90.6%, the Flint MSA has the manufacturing know-how, talent pipeline, and resources that support business growth and expansion.
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